612 11th St E

Historic Fire Hall No. 3

Picture 049 cropped resizedThe city’s third fire hall located in the trendy Broadway District was restored to award-winning standards by the Mid-West Group. Today, it houses a popular brew pub ‘The Hose’ and is a popular area attraction. The interiors feature artefacts claimed from the ruins of the razed Capitol Theatre; the single event that was the catalyst for the heritage movement in Saskatoon. Although damaged during demolition of the old theatre, all artefacts were faithfully restored by the Mid-West Group for the public to enjoy.

Year Constructed


Original Owner

City of Saskatoon

Original Function

Fire Hall

Adaptive Reuse


Architectural Features

The building was originally described as a “plain utilitarian structure made of yellow brick. The only decoration is a wide wooden border around the roof line. The front of the building is two storeys high with a single storey back section to house work rooms. The main floor which housed the fire engines had two sets of double doors opening on the street…” The interior is characterized by such features as an embossed tin ceiling and hardwood floor on the third level.

Building History

This is the last of Saskatoon’s original three fire halls. It stood next to a water tower that was a landmark on the Nutana horizon. The tower supplied water hydrants in Nutana and also maintained water pressure for taps in the area until it was demolished in 1934. Firemen on duty in the hall slept in a dormitory above the main floor where the fire engines were kept. When the alarm sounded they slid down the brass pole which stood between the two sets of doors. By 1958, the fire hall was no longer central to the area and a new Fire Hall #3 was built at Taylor Street and York Avenue. The old hall was considered an excellent example of architectural style common to its time and was important in establishing the character of the Broadway area. Except for the original water tower and stables, the fire hall remained largely intact, although in dilapidated condition before renovations began. It received municipal heritage designation status in 1991.

Photo Gallery

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Notable Occupants

Saskatoon Fire Department, Emergency Measures Organization (formerly Civil Defense Department), Fire Hall No. 3 Restaurant and Lounge, and The Hose and Hydrant Brew Pub.


Included demolition of a 1952 garage addition and construction of a one-storey addition along side portions of the existing building. The fire hall was restored with painstaking attention to detail, especially the embossed tin ceiling and the incorporation of many artifacts from the Capitol Theatre, including the ticket wicket, candelabras, chandeliers and giant mirrors.  What was considered an almost unsalvageable building was turned into a heritage showcase restaurant. It received a City of Saskatoon Heritage Award in 1991.


Mid-West Development Corp.


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